The Viscounty and Town of Verbobonc

Verbobonc, properly known as the Viscounty and Town of Verbobonc, is a semi-independent nation of the Flanaess. Though Verbobonc owes fealty to the Archclericy of Veluna, it is nearly autonomous in practice.
Earth and Stone, Man and Gnome
-The Motto of Verbobonc

Geography and Climate
The Viscounty of Verbobonc is bordered to the north by the Velverdyva River, and extends roughly 15 miles into the Kron Hills to the south. Verbobonc is bordered to the east by the Gnarley Forest and the lands of Dyvers.
Verbobonc is part of Old Ferrond.

Semi-independent nation owing fealty to Veluna, but nearly autonomous in practice.
Ruled by Viscount Langard of the Gnarley Forest, a half-elf and the bastard son of the late Viscount Wilfrik.

Fourteen freeholds and fiefs, all under 500 square miles; entire viscounty is a bishopric under Saint Cuthbert, divided into eight "guardianships"” overseen by abbots; some guardianships include more than one political fief.

Haufren of Saint Cuthbert
Brother Cedris of Pelor
Sir Emond Farthis
Cynwyth, elven wizard

As of 591 CY, the population of Verbobonc totaled 177,800 persons.
-Humans (Ofs) 79%, Elves (High and Wood) 9%, Gnomes 5%, Halflings 3%, Dwarves 2%, Half-elves 1%, Half-orcs 1%

As Verbobonc is a vassal of Veluna, the most popular deities are Rao and Saint Cuthbert, though in reality, Verbobonc is a bishopric under St. Cuthbert.
Beory, Ehlonna, Heironeous, Obad-Hai, the Oeridian agricultural gods, Fharlanghn, Zilchus, and the Seldarine are also popular
The most widely-spoken languages in Verbobonc include Common, Velondi, Flan, Elven, Halfling, and Gnome. Sylvan and Old Oeridian are also spoken and many travelers from the Sheldomar Valley speak Keoish.

After Dyvers, Verbobonc is the second-largest port on the Velverdyva, and brings much wealth to the Viscounty.

Verbobonc does a brisk trade in gems and copper from its local mines, and also harvests timber from the nearby Gnarley Forest. The town is renowned across the Flanaess for its gnomish smiths.

The Verbobonc standard coinage is a modified version of Furyondy’s coinage, consisting of the platinum leaf (pp), gold wheatsheaf (gp), electrum knight (ep), silver spire (sp), and copper common (cp).

The Viscounty and Town of Verbobonc

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