Arnadim of Pelor

A half orc pilgrim from Nyrond.


Male Half Orc
Lawful Good
STR 14 DEX 12 CON 15 INT 12 WIS 14 CHA 18
Pilgrim Background
Skill Proficiencies: History, Intimidation, Religion
Languages: Orcish, Common, Nyrondese, Flan
Equipment: A holy symbol of Pelor, an explorer’s pack, a bedroll, a healer’s kit, pilgrim’s robes, a set of common clothes, an alms box, his father’s longsword, a reliquary holding a fragment of St. Victarion’s wrist bone, a dagger, and a belt pouch with 1 gp


Feature: Sightseer
You know a number of routes, points of interest, and places to stay along the way to various religious sites throughout the known world. You can usually find cheap lodging, shortcut roads, and other useful advantages when on a journey, so long as you are somewhat near a pilgrimage site for your religion. Sometimes you even know bits of trivia about the area, usually relating to your god.

Personality: I believe my god speaks to me in my dreams.
Ideal: Generosity. Others should benefit from the fruits of your blessings. (Good)
Bond: The weak must be protected.
Flaw: I take foolish risks because I think I’m being tested by my god.


Arnadim is a young half orc hailing from a small town near the old Almor/Nyrond border. His mother is a half orc and his father was an Oeridian man, both of whom served in the army of Nyrond during the Greyhawk Wars. His father was killed in the war, leaving his sword to his young son. St_Victarion_s_reliquary2.jpg
Arnadim grew to be a strong youth, and while a half orc, like his mother he is very comely in appearance, but his gentle, friendly ways and upright moral code are what draw others to him. This moral code and a sense of right led him to become a wanderer, helping others as he could. He once helped a group of pilgrims led by a cleric of Pelor free their wagon from a washed out road. During the evening he spent with the pilgrims he decided that he lacked focus and then determined he must find a cause to serve. He chose then to be a servant of Pelor and has begun his own pilgrimage to various holy places in the Flanaess.

Arnadim of Pelor

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