Timeline of Greyhawk

Historical Ages
The following terms are sometimes used to describe eras in the history of eastern Oerik:

The Age before Ages, constituting the early history of the multiverse, when the forces of Law battled primal Chaos.
The Epoch of Magic (presumably including all of known history prior to 576 CY but definitely ending some time before 998 CY).
The Age of Glory (Suel dominance).
The Age of Great Sorrow (decline of the Great Kingdom of Aerdy).
The Age of Worms (the Waiting Age, a time of death, decay and writhing doom that lurks in the shadows of every tomorrow).

Recent Events
(CY = Common Year)
582 CY

  • A series of regional conflicts erupts into the continent-wide battle that eventually becomes the Greyhawk Wars.
  • The war is sparked when Iuz, masquerading as a god named Vatun, incites the Northern Barbarians into war against Stonefist, conquering it quickly. The leader of the Fists, Sevvord Redbeard, soon allies himself with Iuz.
  • The Duchy of Tenh is conquered by the Fists/Northern Barbarian armies.
  • Before a planned assault on Ratik, the Northern Barbarians mutiny, refusing to fight any further for a “god” they have lost faith in.

583 CY

  • Iuz returns to his homeland to restructure his nation and replace Furyondy nobles in his dominion with demons and other fiends.
  • Armies of Iuz conquer the Horned Society, creating a mass slaughter in the capital of Molag.
  • The Shield Lands refuse an offer of alliance with Furyondy, and are soon overrun by Iuz’s forces. The Bandit Kingdoms fall to Iuz in the same offensive. Lord Holmer, leader of the Knights of Holy Shielding is captured and taken to Dorakaa.
  • Queen Yolande of Celene declares neutrality of her realm, and imposes a strict isolationism.
  • The Scarlet Brotherhood invades the Hold of the Sea Princes.
  • Battle of Critwall Bridge results in victory for Furyondy, securing the eastern borders of the realm against Iuz. Soon after, Furyondy’s northern border collapses under an assault from Iuz-allied humanoids attacking from the Vesve Forest. Crockport falls, and Chendl, Furyondy’s capital, is placed under siege.
  • Nyrond moves against the Hold of Stonefist, striking first in the Phostwood, but staying close to the borders of the kingdom.
  • At the same time, the Great Kingdom attacks on a broad front against the Theocracy of the Pale, Almor and Nyrond. Almor is conquered in short order.

584 CY

  • The Iron League enters into alliance negotiations with Nyrond, even weathering the defection of the Lordship of the Isles to the Scarlet Brotherhood.
  • Keoland, Gran March, the Ulek States and the Yeomanry enter into the Treaty of Niole Dra, a mutual-defense pact and military alliance.
  • Ket allies with Iuz, and promptly attacks Bissel.
  • Turrosh Mak of the Pomarj attacks the Wild Coast and Ulek. His forces are stopped at the Battle of the Pass of Celene by a coalition of humanoid warriors.
  • Renewed giant and evil humanoid raids hit the Grand Duchy of Geoff, Sterich, and the Yeomanry. Geoff and Sterich are conquered by the invaders.
  • The Battle of Innspa marks the peak of the Aerdy invasion of Nyrond. The battle results in a decisive defeat of the Great Kingdom’s armies. Mass executions follow, ordered by Ivid V. (unbeknownst to much of the Flanaess, Ivid murders loyal generals and turns them into undead servants. Ivid is subsequently assassinated by remaining generals and rises as an undead animus by priests of Hextor.) Mass killings of the Aerdy populace instigated by Ivid.
  • The North Province secedes from the Great Kingdom.
  • The Scarlet Brotherhood begins campaign of assassinations in Iron League states with an aim to destabilize their governments. Cobb Darg of the Free City of Irongate orders the execution of every known Scarlet Brotherhood agent within the city.
  • The Wars end with a Brotherhood-inspired general peace treaty, the Pact of Greyhawk in the month of Harvester.
  • On the same day, Rary instigates a massive magical battle within the Great Hall and attempts to assassinate the other members of the Circle of Eight, killing only Otiluke and Tenser before fleeing into the Bright Desert to form his own kingdom.

585 CY

  • Prince Sewarndt attempts to seize the throne of Nyrond from his father, King Archibold III. The plot is foiled by Sewarndt’s brother, Lynwerd.

586 CY

  • The Great Kingdom comes to an effective end, as it splinters into two major states (The United Kingdom of Ahlissa and the North Kingdom of Aerdy) and numerous minor states. Ivid V, the Overking, rules Rauxes as essentially a no-man’s land.
  • The priesthood of Hextor officially deposes Ivid V as Overking.
  • Archibold III of Nyrond abdicates, leaving the throne to his son Lynwerd.
  • Canon Hazen of Veluna causes the “Flight of Fiends” through use of the Crook of Rao. Most (but not all) evil-aligned outsiders are banished from the Flanaess.

591 CY

  • Campaign begins, New Year’s Day, Needfest, 591 CY.

Timeline of Greyhawk

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