The Scarlet Brotherhood

ScarletBrotherhood01.JPGThe Scarlet Brotherhood most often refers to the Great and Hidden Empire of the Scarlet Brotherhood, a nation located on the Tilvanot Peninsula in the southeastern Flanaess.
Sometimes called the Kingdom of Shar (“purity”), the Scarlet Brotherhood is headed by a cadre of monastics, with final authority resting in the hands of the “Father of Obedience.”

During the Greyhawk Wars, the Brotherhood made many gains, taking over the Lordship of the Isles, the Sea Princes, Idee, and Onnwal. However, they lost Idee to the South Province (now part of Ahlissa) in 586 CY, and in 589 the Hold of the Sea Princes erupted in civil war. In Onnwal, the Brotherhood rules only the port of Scant, though the Lordship of the Isles remains completely under their control.
The Brotherhood increased its holdings during the Greyhawk Wars through combination of espionage, Realpolitick, and military might. In a matter of months, entire nations fell to that order’s assassins. It was revealed that the advisors of many of the royal courts of the Flanaess had been Brotherhood agents, giving their leaders poisoned advice from the beginning. Some nations, such as Sunndi, the Sea Barons, and Irongate, discovered this ruse in time to save their governments. These realms were aided by the Splintered Mind, a small group of monks, psions, and rogues who were betrayed by Brotherhood long ago, and now work to oppose the Scarlet Sign.
Where guile and deception failed to win the day, the monks of the Scarlet Sign employed brute force. The Hold of the Sea Princes, already weakened by the murder of twenty-seven of its nobles in a single night, was taken via hordes of Suel “savages” from the Amedio Jungle unloaded into their lands by ships bearing sails of scarlet. At one point, captured Sea Princes ships were made to attack the Keoish port of Gradsul, though Uleki assistance rebuffed the effort.
In the captured lands—Idee, Onnwal, the Lordship of the Isles, and the Hold of the Sea Princes-—Scarlet Brotherhood agents now hold nearly every position of power. Amedio and Hepmonaland natives roam these lands in packs, obediently following the beck and call of the Scarlet monks. Worse yet, foul half-breed creatures, likely created in the halls of Hesuel Ilshar itself, are now used to instill fear in the occupied lands. The exact numbers of Brothers and Sisters in the taken lands is not known at this time. What is known is that existence there is hellish, and many of those who cannot escape commit suicide by the day.

The Scarlet Brotherhood is a caste society, valuing the Suloise race and culture above all others. Full citizenship is granted only to those of pure Suel blood who adhere to the Brotherhood’s philosophy of Suel hegemony. Those who are of mostly Suel extraction have some rights, but not nearly as many as citizens. The lowest tier of Brotherhood society is occupied by its slaves, made up of non-humans and humans of “mongrel” blood.
The Brotherhood has an active eugenics program and conducts regular interbreeding experiments, producing their unnatural bredthrall slaves.

Ancient Suloise is the official language of the Scarlet brotherhood, though Common is widely spoken as well.

The Scarlet Brotherhood

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