The Knights of Luna

Quite different from the other knightly orders, the Knights of Luna are an elven group founded in CY 570, soon after the Battle of Emridy Meadows against the Horde of Elemental Evil. The group is dedicated to preserving the monarchy of Celene and the noble traditions of elves throughout the central Flanaess. They espouse values that call for elven leadership in the cause of Good, and noblesse oblige toward their allied kindred and the lesser races.

The Knights feel it is important to involve Celene in the politics of western Oerik. The nation has become more and more isolationist, which the Knights of Luna believe to be short-sighted and foolhardy. The organization is fairly secretive, working from behind the scenes to invite political gestures from other nations as well as working through intermediaries to convince Queen Yolande that Celene needs to work with neighboring nations to survive. It is rumored that members of Celene’s royal family are members of this order.

Though no formal alliance exists between the Knights of Luna and the Knights of the High Forest, the two groups assist each other at times.

The order has no hierarchy yet their unofficial leader is Melf, Prince Brightflame.

The Knights of Luna

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