Human Cultures of the Flanaess

Four major races of humanity share the vast Flanaess with numerous non-humans. Unmixed human races exist in several enclaves, but for the most part the Suel, Flan, Oeridians, and Baklunish have mixed to form a variety of blended types.
Race is given little importance by intelligent folk, particularly in the central lands, though some royal courts promote particular racial types. Each race appears to have developed ages ago in isolation from all others, with its own pantheon of deities, language, and culture. In practical matters of exploration, trade, adventure, and war, color and race have little meaning.

Mixed Humans
Racial Traits
These traits represent humans of thoroughly mixed racial descent, and therefore reflect the majority of humanity in the central Flanaess. Traits for humans of pure or nearly pure blood are listed under their respective races.
Average Height: 5’ 6" – 6’2"
Average Weight: 135 – 220

Ability scores: +1 to two ability scores of your choice
Languages: Common, any one other language of your choice
Skills: Any one of your choice
Feats: Any one feat for which you meet the prerequisites

Cultures of the Flanaess

Human Cultures from outside the Flanaess
These cultures are not available for play as PC’s.

Human Cultures of the Flanaess

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