Character Creation Rules

Special Point Buy
All ability scores start at ten and you have 22 points to spend. Each score is a 1 for 1 cost, yet no ability score can exceed 18, but with racial modifiers an ability score may be raised to 20.

All Characters Start At 0 Level

  • Each player may choose his race and background as allowed for the campaign.
  • When choosing a background, each PC picks one Personality Trait, the second will be chosen or created after achieving 1st level.
  • Each character starts at -300 XP.
  • Each PC starts with 4 hp plus CON modifier, if any.
  • Human characters all use the Variant Human Rule and may choose a bonus Skill as allowed by the Human Culture they’ve chosen and a Feat.

Backgrounds and Equipment

  • Backgrounds choice can be disqualified by the DM if it doesn’t work for the campaign.
  • Characters receive one item of special significance and 25gp, in addition to what equipment and money is included in their Background, to purchase starting gear.
  • All gold is either spent or lost. Each PC will start the campaign with 5sp.

No Dragonborn

No Tieflings as Described in the 5E PHB.
A player may choose to play a Tiefling, but they will conform to 2E/3-3.5E in appearance. Their abilities and game statistics will follow 5E rules as presented in the 5E PHB. These tieflings must be from the Empire of Iuz or the remnants of the former Great Kingdom and its successor states.
The DM can provide a percentile chart to roll random tiefling appearance if the player so wishes. Tiefling Appearance

Character Creation Rules

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